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MDA200Product Code: MDA200

Flexible Communications Hub

Uniquely designed to solve the communications challenges of business migrating to UC -- the MDA200 makes it easy for you to manage PC voice and multi-media, while still maintaining connectivity to your desk phone.MDA200

Enhances Call Management

  • Allows choice of one corded or wireless USB headset* for users in-the-office or on-the-go
  • Simple User Interface to easily answer/end and switch between desk phone and PC calls
  • Supports remote call control with Plantronics corded and wireless USB headsets
  • Manage calls from PC, desk phone and even a mobile phone when used with Bluetooth USB headsets (like Voyager Legend UC)
  • Compatible with Plantronics corded desk phone headsets (H-Series) when used with a DA Series USB adapter
  • True voice clarity with wideband/stereo audio support
  • Use with EHS Cable or HL10 lifter for one touch answer/end functionality with your desk phone and the MDA200

*For a list of Plantronics headsets that are compatible with MDA200, visit plantronics.com/configurator.

Rapid Deployment

  • Plug-and-play, no hassle installation
  • Compatible with softphones from every major UC provider
  • Upgradable firmware ensures future compatibility and feature support
  • Two-year limited warranty

Ideal for enterprises embracing flex workers, hoteling environments, and call centers transitioning from desk phone reliance to PC-centered communications.


IQ333SMDA200 Product Data Sheet

APU-75Product Code: APU-75

Electronic Hook Switch Cable for PC connectivity with CS500/CS500 XD Series APU-75

Plantronics Accessories

ST37Product Code: ST37

ST37 Training Adaptor - can be used as a splitter for training when using wireless headsets. Or will allow a mix of wireless and corded headsets for training.ST37


  • Low cost alternative to Y connector
  • Splits single RJ socket into twin RJ sockets
  • Allows both trainer and trainee to listen to a call
  • Trainer requires headset and cable, not just headset as
    they would with a Y connector

Voice TubesProduct Code: 17593-70

Six wildly coloured voice tubes to change at a whim - includes Outrageous Orange, Passion Pink, Serene Green, Peaceful Purple and Cool Blue.



Voice Tubes


Leatherette Ear CushionsProduct Code: 19025-01

Leatherette ear cushions for increased comfort on the Supra and Encore ranges of headsets.




Leatherette Ear Cushions


Vista CableProduct Code: 26716-01

Plantronics Vista Curly Cord Quick Disconnect Amplifier Plug to connect Headset to Telephone.



Vista Cable


HL10B Handset LifterProduct Code: 60961-33

The HL10 handset lifter adds the convenience of one touch answering and ending calls while away from your desk by automatically lifting your desk phone handset when a call comes in.

Suits CS60, CS70N, CS351N & CS361N


HL10 Lifter


HL10S Handset LifterProduct Code: 60961-35

 The HL10 handset lifter adds the convenience of one touch answering and ending calls while away from your desk by automatically lifting your desk phone handset when a call comes in.

Suits Savi and CS500 SeriesHL10 Lifter

OLIProduct Code: 65116-02

On-line Indicator 65116-01On Line Indicator


Suits CS60, CS351N, CS361N, CS70N & Voyager 510S

Savi OLIProduct Code: 80287-01

On Line Indicator

Savi OLISuits Savi and CS500 Series

Disposable Headset CoversProduct Code: DHSC-SB

Bag of 100 small sanitary, hygienic, disposable headset DHSC-SBcovers.  Ideal when you want to share office and call centre headsets.


    Non-Woven black spun polypropylene


    Relaxed Size of Outer Diameter – Approx. 7 cm
    Relaxed Size of Inner Elastic Hole – Approx. 2.5 cm
    Stretched Size of Inner Elastic Hole – 7.5 cm Max


  • Thin sterile basic black cloth material covers the headset and allows sound to pass through
  • Music and voice sound can be easily heard through the material
  • Modern black colour to match your headset
  • Enables users to share headsets without transferring infectious bacteria and germs
  • Usable with all types of call centre and office headsets that rest against the ear
  • Frequently used with headsets that are shared such as Call Centre Headsets, Computer User's Headsets, Educational Training Programs, Sales Presentations, Hospital Patients, Language Training, Student Presentations, Courthouse Proceedings, Media Labs, Depositions, Museums, Planetariums, Music Halls, Corporate Presentations, Job Screening Programs, Job Training
  • Purchased by those who are concerned about public health and want to limit the potential spread of infectious diseases, lice, bacteria, influenza and many other germs and contagious bacteria
  • Latex-Free Elastic - will stretch to cover outer portion of the foam or leatherette portion of the headsets to limit direct contact with the head and ear
  • Comes bagged in quantities of 100 sterile stretch headset covers per bag
  • Comfortable material does not itch or cause any added pressure against the skin
  • Maintains cleanliness of headsets while limiting the spread of germs between headset users
  • These disposable sanitary stretch fabric covers may be easily replaced each time the headsets are used
  • Works well with most standard office and call centre headsets
  • Eliminates need for cleaning agents and disinfectant sprays while keeping the headsets germ-free
  • These small size disposable covers are most frequently used on headsets that have an earpiece that is or less than 6cm in diameter
  • Disposable covers work with mono headsets, stereo headsets and wireless headsets to prevent the spread of lice, bacteria, viruses and body fluids
  • Fits easily around earpieces of popular headsets such as Plantronics HW251N, Jabra GN 2000 and Sennheiser CC550