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For all office and call centre scenarios, we have a headset that will suit.



Agent U10P Bottom CableProduct Code: AG 22-0001

Standard bottom half cable for use with the Agent range of headsets.Agent STD Bottom Cable

Agent Bottom Cable Crosswired U10Product Code: AG 22-0034

Crosswired standard bottom half cable for use with the Agent range of headsets.Agent Bottom Cable Crosswired U10

Agent DA-30 SmartcordProduct Code: Agent DA-30 Smartcord

The Agent DA30 Smart Cord will connect all AgentAgent DA-30 Smartcord
headsets to the vast majority of telephones in
common use today. Using it's unique 8 position
slider switch to toggle and set the the relevant
phone type, therefore eliminating compatability issues.

The following information lists the 8 slider settings:

1 - Standard (most common telephones)
2 - Cisco IP phones 79xx Series
3 - Ascom Office & Phillips
4 - Japanese Phones, NEC, Nitsuko
5 - Plantronics Vista Base
6 - Avaya IP 96xx Series, Avaya IP
7 - Nortel Digital Phnes, Avaya IP
8 - Avaya Callmaster V&VI, Cisco

Agent QD-PLX ConverterProduct Code: Agent QD-PLX Converter

Agent QD-PLX Converter

Agent QD-USB CableProduct Code: Agent QD-USB Cable

Agent USB Cable

Agent Training CordProduct Code: Agent Training Cord

The Agent Training Cord allows two headsets to operate on one telephone for training/monitoring purposes.  Agent Training Cord

Agent QD_GN Cable ConverterProduct Code: Agent QD_GN Cable Converter


Agent QD-3.5mmProduct Code: Agent QD-3.5mm

Agent QD_3.5mm

Agent HIC CableProduct Code: Agent HIC Cable

Agent HIC Cable

Agent HIS CableProduct Code: Agent HIS Cable

Agent HIS Cable